Google apps in the control panel



Could someone please explain to me what the deal is with this whole “google apps in the control panel” thing. I host sites for myself and my clients and I don’t understand how it might affect or benefit me.

Also does it change the way things was done from before google apps or not (FTP, POP3, etc)?

If I host by google am I still hosting with DH?

My apologies if these questions are dumb but someone must ask them I guess.

Thanks for your advice, article link, etc.



The idea is just to make it easier to be able to use Google apps if you wish to.

You can think of it as having office applications on line such as calendar, word processor and mail.

You might decide to make a subdomain to use google apps so that something like would be where you base google apps from.

You can have something like as your start page (like a Yahoo page with news, finance etc added in). Your friends or co-workers could be given a separate account allowing them to log in to your start page and have their own ‘google apps’ and email and even share a company/group calendar and work on collaborative documents and web sites.

There is also a web-builder page so you can create a web-site if you wish to point to or (In all cases you can also use the offered Google default URLs if you wish to).

The domain is still hosted at DreamHost but the Google Apps activities are ‘pulled’ in from Google.

If you have used Gmail before you will know it is normally set up account by account. But as an ‘administrator’ of your own google accounts you can set up many many gmail accounts easily.

If you do not want to use it you do not have to so just deselect the option.

DreamHost have just gone the extra step by getting the happy DNS robot to set up all the DNS settings for you.

Have a look through the Google pages here.


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There are 3 options:

  1. Setup GoogleAps for use on your domain.

  2. Use GMail for your domain’s mail.

  3. FULLY Google Hosted. (Unchecked by default in Panel)

Options 1 and 2 leave your hosting here at DH, the 3rd is physically hosted at Google.

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Ok. I have decided to sign up for one of these accounts and try it.

One question though… how is it beneficial to DH to have my sites fully hosted with google?


They still make their $9.95 a month, or whatever, off of you, and they don’t have to host your services.



Okay, so I setup a brand new domain, and I chose only option 2 (host mail at gmail) now mail.domainname.ext resolves to gmail, but I don’t have an account for that domain at gmail. did dreamhost setup a default one? did I miss something?


The Google process here instructs you to set up a domain account at Google Apps. At least it did when I set up the full-blown hosting at Google.



If you choose the Google Mail option when creating a domain, after clicking [color=#00CC00]Fully host this domain now![/color] the following screen gives you a link to click on that will direct you into your Google admin area in order for you to setup an admin account so you can administrate your mail accounts at Google.

If you missed that step I’d reckon the easiest thing to do would be remove the domain and re-add it.

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Okay… for anyone else that has this problem… you do not need to remove the domain and then re-add it. if you missed the “Register at google apps for your domain” link when you first registered it you can find that link again by going too:

Dreamhost Web Panel ->
Domains ->
Manage domains ->
Under “Web Hosting” for the domain in question chose “Edit” ->
Next to the “Google Apps” logo there will be a link "register at Google Apps for your Domain"
Click that link and follow the directions.

It took me longer than it should have to figure this out, hopefully this will help someone else.