Google Apps E-Mail 10 User Limit?


As of I believe May 10th, Google Apps changed their settings for free google apps accounts, limiting users to only 10 emails for free accounts. It’s an additional $50 a year to upgrade to more users (I want to say that might get you 25 emails).

I’ve used GApps Email in the past for all my sites and love it, and was hoping Dreamhost had it setup where Dreamhost accounts got unlimited, or at least more than 10 emails. Is this not the case? This is actually the single reason I purchased a reseller account here, in hopes of finding unlimited e-mail using the GApps Email. I understand I can get unlimited e-mail using dreamhost as the e-mail host, but I can’t stand sending clients to something like SquirelMail, or w/e the other webmail apps are.

Am I just out of luck here?


Google Apps is not a DH service or even affiliated with them. DH just makes it very easy for you to use google apps instead of having to add custom dns records and such yourself (which was a pain in my ass, I had to set it up for one of my domains before DH made it so easy for us). DH has no control over the changes made to that service. If you don’t like squirrelmail you have the option of installing roundcube. I’m not too fond of roundcube but it looks more modern than squirrelmail.


I’m not really defending squirelmail, but if you have never looked at the OPTIONS then you might want to, it’s amazing what a few tweaks can do to the look and feel.

If you install your own copy (instead of using the default dreamhost copy) you can also install a number of plugins.