Google Apps domain pointing problems?

Any other Dreamhost customers have Google Apps problems? I believe I have all my subdomains set up right, but still every time I try and set them up in Google I get an error message.

The google apps support forum is filled with similar stories; perhaps Google has shut down new subdomains getting pointed their way, until they ease out of their growing pains?

Anybody get this to work since they announced last week? Thanks!

I have some subdomains working already, but since they mentioned the standard/enterprise split and the availability of the docs and spreadsheet setup I have been getting errors as well. I’ve been trying to setup Jabber and Docs to point to their service, but I’ve had no luck so far.

can you show the error message?

I’ve seen some people having problem with Google Apps. Some plugins requires a lot of resources and may be killed by DH. You may want to refer to why they are killed.

The solution: try to disable some plugins.

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