Google Apps blocked my blogspot blog

I have installed your dreamhost package on my domain, without any nameserveres pointed out, but i noticed that google apps taken over my blog.

My blogspot blog was using this custom domain that Google Apps took, now i can’t use the custom domain with any blogger blog, it says another blog is using it.

I tried to delete every app in dreamhost … but that googgle apps is still showing.

I would like to know how can I gain control over that google app acount created by dreamhost, and what can i do?

[color=#0000CC]Panel > Domains > Manage Domains[/color]

Uncheck Google Apps and hit the Fully Host This Domain Now button.

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I have deleted all the apps, and domains. Now, when I try to add a new domain, it says “Invalid domain: is already being used for a one-click!”…

If that’s the domain you deleted the info from, then you may have to wait for it to fully clear from the system. If 4 hours go by and it’s still not gone, submit a ticket to Support to explain what happened and ask them to clear it.


Well, a day has passed…Could anybody give me a link to support, cause I can’t fiind it.

It’s in the panel: