Google apps and mail service problem

I thought these were free with a dreamhost account??

I just went to set-up a new domain and it’s saying I only have a free trial and then have to pay?!?!? Any ideas why?

Did you ever get a response or figure this out? I’m having the same issue.

I did not.
I registered as a “trial” account for now, and I’m waiting to see what happens when that runs out.

Yeah I’m nervous about setting up the trial and using the email and then having issues later on or having to pay more out of pocket. Thankfully I haven’t moved everything over just yet and can muck around with it, but this is wasting time. Doesn’t seem like the forums are much help either. :frowning:

Ok so I’m thinking you ended up signing up for Google Apps for Business like I did. Someone provided me with the information below. Since you’re already set up and running, it should be easy to downgrade to Google Apps for Free. Once my trial ended, I had the option to delete my account or downgrade. Not sure if you have to expire first or if you can change it now, but hope this helps you.

RE: Google Apps - Free?
Google Apps does have free versions. you can get started there setting up services for a domain that you happen to own. The options to use certain apps on DH just makes sure to input the proper settings on your account for records without you having to do it manually (which we use to have to do! and it was a pain in my butt).