Google Apps and Amazon AWS

Hello everyone one, so this is what I am doing right now.

I registered for a domain here at dream host and I am using Amazon Route 53 to manage it, I already set amazon as the nameservers here in dreamhost. So far so good, my website is running from Amazon s3.

My next step was to set up Google Apps to use my domain, so I registered in Google Apps, and they asked me to change my MX records. So I went back to dreamhost and selected the option that I was using google apps and it added a bunch o custom records. So far so good.

I waited over 60 hours and google was still showing I had not setup my MX records, so I was confused… I decided to give it a try and set the records on Amazon Route 53 as well. And it worked.

Why do I need to set the MX records on both?
I hope I am not doing anything stupid.

Thank you!

You don’t.

Only the controlling nameservers serve the records (in your case, Amazon’s).