Google analytics

Google Analytics is new to me…so bare with me here.

I went into my control panel and set it up for one of my sites. But now what? Where do I actually see the data for this?
I tried my /stats/ page but it says the page doesn’t exist (even though that’s turned on…).
The wiki had no answer to this–only directions on the set up (which I’ve already done).

Help? Suggestions? Directions?

Log into your google analytics account at google to view the stats. The same place you got the Google Analytics Account ID that you used when enabling this in the panel.

You can access Google Analytics data for your sites at:

Interesting. While WordPress shows I’ve had 35 visits this morning, GA says I’ve had zero.
I actually had already checked the GA page, but when I saw zero, I thought maybe I was supposed to go somewhere else for Dreamhost’s built in google analytics.

DH’s Google Analytics applies tracking to every page entered on a specific domain. Not sure the process is immediate though.