Google Analytics: New update

What you think about the new google analytics update.
They vanished the bounce rate matrix.
bring your thoughts here.

GA slows page loads significantly and is a poor reporting tool for web traffic. It’s vague and reports misinformation; always has. Very easy for malicious bots to fool GA into reporting human hits.

You’re much better off learning to interpret your server access & error logs. Also learn to glean request headers.

So to answer the question, I don’t think much about GA or any update they release.

thanks for sharing your insights.
then as per your opinion which one is the best remedy for that .

As I said, use your server logs. They tell the whole story. It takes a while, but you’ll learn.

Server access & error logs are already available in the DreamHost panel. Nothing needs to be added to your page code, so nothing to slow down page loads time. Download these files to your local machine as often as you like and use any text editor to view.

There are various software to help with pulling info out of the logs but you can just use Command line from your computer to do the same thing. Then after you know what is useful, you can use those commands to create a bat (batch) file to run as often as you like.

Search the internet. There are plenty of tutorials.

You can use a simple PHP script to pull headers from your logs. This is useful to determine bot or human visitors, since many bots pretend they’re human while scraping your files.

Save the following as logheaders.php and run directly:

$ip = get_server('REMOTE_ADDR');$fh = fopen("headers-". date('Ymd') . ".log","a");fwrite($fh, "IP: $ip\n");foreach (getallheaders() as $name => $value) {fwrite($fh, "$name: $value\n");}fwrite($fh, "----\n\n");fclose($fh);

Then check headers-YYYYMMDD.log file it created.

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