Google Analytics Demographics code change

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read my thread. I just recently set up Google Analytics for one of my websites and I really enjoy being able to use the server side plugin through the Dreamhost panel. I have been using Analytics for a while now, but for this particular website I would like to implement the new Demographics feature that Google offers. Google states that in order for this Demographics tracking to work, I need to insert some new code into my tracking snippet. Is it possible to implement this feature while also using the Dreamhost plugin? Thank you for your time.

I would like to second this request, as I want to be able to use demographics as well. Seems like it could be an easy fix.

Yes I agree - please implement this change

Agree that Dreamhost should enable this feature.

In the meantime, I have finally found a plugin that will do the trick (through wordpress):

It’s called “Demographic data in Google Analytics”