Google adsense problem


I decided to start getting revenue from my site by signing up for google adsense. It asked me to add some DNS records to my site, which I did, and now I can’t even access my site. It reads Google Error Not Found The requested URL / was not found on this server. I then deleted the 4 A type DNS records, but it still doesn’t work. I already used my DNS refresh after I originally added the records, will this problem go away once I’m able to re-refresh, or am I totally wrong (no real idea of what I’m talking about here). Also, does anyone know where I could get instructions for setting up AdSense using Dreamhost so I don’t make the same mistakes?

Thanks, the site is

Hi Mike

Just over two years ago I added some Google AdSense advertising to my website to see if I could generate some revenue. After I signed up for Google AdSense I filled in a form on their site and was given about 10 lines of javascript code that I then had to copy and paste into the HTML code of my website. Each advertisement required filling out the form again and then copying and pasting a new chunk of javascript code into my website at the position in my HTML code where I wanted the advertisement to appear.

My website is created using hand typed HTML code in a simple text editor. I have not tried using any website creation software such as WordPress.

I do not understand why you are talking about DNS records.

The instructions I followed were all on Google’s website after I signed in using my Google account.

(Post Script: I removed the Google AdSense code after a few months when I realized I would never reach the $100 (U.S.A.) minimum earnings that Google required before they would issue me a cheque.)


A belated answer to the original question: What “Mike” set up wasn’t the normal Google AdSense service — it was Google AdSense For Domains, which is a service for “parking” domains with AdSense ads. It’s not something that you’d ever want to set up on a domain that you were using to host anything, as it will override any hosted content you had!