Goodsync with dreamhost

Anyone having issues with Goodsync connections to DH? I can connect ok via SFTP, but then cannot access the /home folder … I know the credentials are correct because when I use filezilla I CAN access the /home folder


If you mean the directory named /home on the server, it is likely protected from being list-able by anything non-root. Try using /home/{username} – aka $HOME – instead.

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I tried using servername and GoodSync just says PLEASE WAIT and does nothing.

FileZilla works fine in /home

same cred, same same everything

Which type of server are you connecting to?

dreamhost web site server

Just to clarify… when listing the server’s /home directory from your local machine do you see directories of usernames?

When I use FileZilla I can access home and all I see is all my own files. Perfect
When I use GoodSynch and browser to home, I am denied.

I have a suspicion that the “home” is an alias in FileZilla to /home/{username}.

I installed GoodSync to try it out and it denies listing the actual server /home directory. This is expected behaviour due to the security settings imposed on that directory.

When I logged into SFTP using the GoodSync Explorer I had to add the username into the address bar at the top in order to reach the user’s files. As noted in the file listing the user directory is labelled as “not found in parent” due to the user not having list permission on the server /home directory.

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I add the username to the address bar and it turns into a little clock icon and PLEASE WAIT and dies there

GoodSync just contacted me and said “We have reproduced the problem and it is passed to development for a fix”. So our work is done. THANK YOU

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