Goodie SVN Email

I was wondering if it’s possible to configure SVN to send an email notification any time there is a checkin?

[quote]The Subversion distribution includes a script (located in the tools/
hook-scripts/ directory of the Subversion source tree) that can be used to send email with
(and/or append to a log file) a description of a given commit. This mail contains a list of the paths
that were changed, the log message attached to the commit, the author and date of the commit, as
well as a GNU diff-style display of the changes made to the various versioned files as part of the

Yes, I believe you can. I just took a look in my SVN install on DH and there is a hooks folder, so you’d be able to add any scripts you want there.

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Yeah it looks like there are files in the hooks folder:
post-commit.tmpl pre-commit.tmpl start-commit.tmpl
post-revprop-change.tmpl pre-revprop-change.tmpl

post-commit.tmpl contains the following line:
/usr/lib/subversion/hook-scripts/ “$REPOS” “$REV”

Hopefully hasn’t been watching our checkins?

After making a change to this file is a restart of SVN needed?

When somebody figures it out. Please post on the wiki.