Good step by step guides to setting up Gmail (Google Apps) for one’s email needs

Hi –

Can anyone recommend a good guide to setting up the gmail for business – we’ve got about 5-10 addresses (plus a couple of “forward only”) e-mail addresses and instead of using the dreamhost email servers I’d like to set up something via Gmail apps. The DH stuff is just too unreliable for us now. But I’d like to continue to have DH host our site.

I’ve been googling around and getting some info, but it looks kind of intimidating to set up. I’m pretty much a beginner and we don’t have a system administrator (or if we do, I’m it!), for what it’s worth :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

Setting up on a software platform is bound to look intimidating if you just read about it, because the whole thing is completely abstract.

I think that if you simply plunge in and do it, and count on the excellent help which this forum often provides, then you will find it easy.

Hopefully you have a free google apps account (i.e. an account opened before they started charging) and then you will be fine.

But if not, the situation may be rather dire. The paid version of google apps is not just overpriced, it is overpriced by an order of magnitude. It is $50 per year per user which, if you only want to use the webmail part of the suite, is absurd.

I keep thinking a competitor ought to spring up and offer “webmail-for-your-domain” for a fraction of the price. I think such a competitor could do very well.

Alternatively, have you considered getting 10 free gmail addresses for your 10 users?

How can having one’s domain name be part of one’s email address be worth $500 a year for 10 users?

Just as a further thought, you could, as another alternative, take over a free google apps account from a friend who doesn’t need it any more, and attach your domain to it as a domain alias.

There could even be an unofficial market for unused free google apps accounts.

Thanks, I think this is what I’ll do then!

I do have one that I was using for business that I was using.

The way I look at it – just having something stable and reliable – unlike what I’m experience at DH with the homiesub5 e-mail server, having 5-10 e-mail addresses that are always working (plus google’s excellent spam filters) will pay for itself within a month if not earlier.

As a business, we get orders and inquiries via e-mail every day and if we cannot answer them quickly, we could easily lose more than the cost of the annual gmail accounts rather quickly. Not to mention that we could probably make up the annual cost in less than a month if the way my experience with gmail’s excellent spam filtering is any indication. Esp. compared to the way we are getting spam like crazy into our accounts via our forward only addresses.

At least that’s the way I’m thinking about it at this point.