Good SpamAssassin Configuration?

Hi all,
I tried searching for the answer but didn’t come up with exactly what I was looking for. I’m new to SpamAssassin, but really want it to work for my site and the few email users I have. However, I don’t think I have a real good grasp on the whole numerical value system and how it works.
For instance…if the tag number is lower does that it mean it’s getting tagged, or is if it’s higher…and vice versa for the quarantine level…to which end of the spectrum does it get quarantined more??
Does anyone have a good customer number that works well for them, because the default just seems to send everything to the inbox but tagged. Any help is much appreciated.


Higher numbers are more spammy. Tag and Quarantine just set the threshold for catching spam. If you lower the numbers to 4, for example, a message that’s rated a 3 on the spam scale will get through unscathed. If it’s rated a 5, then it will get tagged or quarantined.

I use 4 and 4. This version of Spam Assassin isn’t all that smart, so a lot of spam still gets through, but this seems to catch about half of it while letting anything of interest get through.


mine’s set to 0 0

i was having way too much spam coming throught when it was 4 4 or 3 3. so far so good.

Thanks for the help all. I think I’ll start with 4 - 4 and see how that treats me.

Thanks again!

I generally like to stick to a 1/4 tag/quarantine combination for my spamassassin configuration. It catches the obvious spam that way, and suspect spam is almost always tagged for my review. It also helps to add certain well known spam domains to your blacklist (see: yahoo, hotmail, gmail, other free email providers), then whitelist specific addresses from those providers as needed. This because, in my experience anyway, 95% of spam coes from a fake yahoo/hotmail/gmail address, or an address they registered specificly for spamming, and that’s the only sure fire way to stop it completely from sites like this. That in combination with the emails you get letting you know what junkmail you’ve currently got sitting in quarantine should make sure you catch most/all the crap email, while at the same time preventing you from missing the legitimate ones.

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