Good site5 alternative?

Hi guys,
About to become former customer of site5 after 6 yrs with them.

Looking for a better host, one that supports, wont bother explaining it here, im going to rampage elsewhere online about my experience with them.

They have something called hostpro+turbo

Basically unlimited accounts with each account getting their own cpanel/fantastico/ftp etc

I dont need shell access or anything but it would be nice.

Also need the account moved across ideally, otherwise I will have to do one by one.

Does Dreamhost have anything similar to the above?

Secondly do they have servers in different locations (like Australia) or is it just 1 location?

and has anybody been in a similar experience, moved from site5 to dreamhost and had success?

been with dreamhost for over 6 years , love everything about it . support is best around.

with Dreamhost your account is pretty much unlimited, including shell/ftp users. Visit for the details of whats included. Dreamhost has their own custom panel, mostly likely it’s going to be a little different that what you are used to, but once you become familiar with it, you will find it easy to use.

You can set your users up with full shell access, if you need root access you will need a VPS or dedicated server.

There is a cpanel importer , so if your old host uses cpanel and you have an export file available to import

All dreamhost servers are located in California, USA

(edit: fixed the link so that it works)