Good site builder for my needs?


Since Dreamhost does not have a built-in WYSIWYG builder, I will need to get one.

While I understand html, my previous attempt at a website had the visual builder, where you could reveal the html as needed.

But I am by no means married to using html if there are other options that would work well for my needs.

I will be designing my own site, with advice from pro site builders among my friends.

I want each “site” to contain a frequently updated blog, like WordPress blogs, but that will be nested in a “website” format, which will have pull-down menus for various articles and reviews that will remain relevant after there initial blog appearance has been archived.

The primary purpose of the site will be four different sites under one domain.

1 - reviews and news about acoustic guitars, heavy on audio/video content

2- reviews and news about single malt whisky

3-reviews and news about beer

4-reviews and news about travel locations, restaurants, etc.

I will start with the first two and add the others over time.

Any recommendations on what site builder or manager that might be best for this sort of thing would be greatly appreciated.


tsp, nyc

That actually sounds like the sort of thing that WordPress would do quite well. While the default WordPress setup has the blog as the “front page”, it isn’t by any means married to that layout. For instance, the DreamHost web site is all WordPress!

Thanks Andrew. I was hoping that might be the case.

Other than the recommended of a friend I trust, what sold me on Dreamhost was the fact they said they could host hifi .wav files, required to hear the subtle differences between similar, expensive guitars. The moment such files get compressed that fidelity is lost.

I expect to offer them for download, but also want people to be able to play such files directly from the browser.

Otherwise, I expect to host most video on Youtube and just link it.

Will Word press work for playing large audio files directly from the browser?

Yes and no. Your website (via Wordpress) will serve the files no problems at all – but it’s up to the user’s browser what it actually does with that stream.

You might think about installing a “plugin” that handles .wav files so that they hear the sound live rather than possibly getting a notice to download the file. Having said that, downloading a HQ audio file to play locally in their chosen media player is actually a really good option (it just sounds like a bad idea). Being somewhat of an audiophile I prefer to download HQ sound files and listen to them locally.

Another thing to keep in mind is that while wav (and ogg!) are splendid when played through quality equipment, laptop speakers, etc. make them sound like 4kb/s mp3s anyway.

Just saw your reply sXi.


I do agree. That is why I will offer the option to download files as well as play them, and recommend headphones when using laptops or tablets, etc.