Good Points / Bad Points

We’ll I haven’t been to the forums for a while… usually only pop in when I have an issue… ;p too busy otherwise. I’ve read through a lot of the recent posts about the latest issues, I have to say that it’s not a new thing… it’s just got worse over the last month.

I’ve been with DH since january this year and to be honest I haven’t been greatly impressed with the speeds of my sites and more times than I care to mention they have timeout issue due to slowness.

I, as have other users lost business and hits due to very slow loading times… I used to host a couple of forums which put a few pennies in the PayPal account each month, and a dev site which that I have removed now was reduced to the odd visit every few days, which 9 months ago had a good 300 active users.

Among other things, I’ve been busy with work and haven’t had a great deal of time to take of them, so maybe some of it I could have turned around. I have never hassled DH about the issues as they have kept us informed as well as is expected. (I suppose) Ofcourse there’s always these forums to get a flavour of what is on peoples minds.

From the offset DH have been quick and courteous in the response to queries I have sent, and most were sorted within hours of flagging them.

I was impressed and still love the Webpanel, It was a bit different to others I have used, but now I wouldn’t chage it for the world, I have a lot of Domains regged and find it is perfect for the heavy user of multiple Domains and Sub-Domains.

Everything is so quick to setup and configure using the Panels controls and procedures, giving you all the info you need as you go through the steps.


Well the only thing left for me is to decide if I stay for the full 2 years… There are a lot of things I like about DH, but do they outway the main issue which is usually the only reason you choose a hosting company. The speed and the uptime. I’m goign to stick it out for now, but I’d like to see some sort of compensation for, what most people would call… a real crappy hosting service. How about a 3 month extension on all plans to make up for the downtime and crap speed?

I don’t hold any grudges, they are just a company, a group of guys(/gals) trying to make a buck doing what they enjoy, and no matter how much you moan a throw crap at them, they are still going to do what they do. (maybe quicker :wink:

There are a lot worse companies out there along with the good. But DH are going to make it back… I have faith. Atleast I hope so for their sakes. The ranting and huffing is only going to on for so long, before, like my Forums… 1 by 1 they start to leave, silently wandering off until but a handful are left to say… John, Brian… guys where did it all go wrong?

“… maybe it was all that speed, we shoulda’ shared it …” :expressionless:


[color=#CC0000][/color][color=#FFFFFF]How about a 3 month extension on all plans to make up for the downtime and crap speed?[/color][color=#CC0000][/color] :wink: