Good Morning! Simple help w/ uploading files to root

Have laid out basic splash page w/ links on local computer…works, shows up in safari, firefox.

Have used FileZilla to upload to my root directory on dreamhost and keep getting “404 error”. I’ve used the function and site comes up…

Where should my files be in order to come up on the internet?

Right now, “index.htm” and others are in the dreamhost /home/mydomain folder…


Your home directory should be /home/USER/

when you add hosting to a domain on the manage domains page, you must associate that hosting with a USER. When you do so the system will automatically create a directory called MYDOMAIN.COM in the users directory. Your index.html should go there. Thus the full path to index.html will be /home/USER/MYDOMAIN.COM/index.html

Check the “web hosting” column on the “Manage Domains” if you need to see what USER the domain is associated with.

stupid follow on question as I seem to be having the same problem: in “/home/USER/MYDOMAIN.COM/index.html” The “user” and “my” actually change to whatever we’ve registered already? (i.e.: mine is a my so that’s what I’d list?)

Correct. The items in all caps change to your actual shell/ftp user name and your actual domain name. Normally I type that as part of the answer… but failed to in this case…