Good info on current trouble

I’m posting what I hope is a wealth of specific issues related to current site outages/intermittent outages and script running problems for the DH staff, hope it helps…

This site ( a UBB community is going up and down like a yo yo today.
• Sometimes when it’s there and you try to post it’ll take you to an “Internal Server Error” page when you try submit the post.
• Sometimes it’s just not available period, again, a 500 error

Chit Chat info and opinions about it:
• a thread about the outages on a DH hosted BB:
• a thread about the outages on a competitor’s hosted BB:

• I have a page here:
where the shoutbox in the iframe at left has been having the same issue as above all day, 500 internal server error

• and another here:
that one was gone period earlier, couldn’t access it at all

All appears to be permissions related issues, script running is flip flopping like a yoyo

Make it stop!!!



EDIT: YAY! Just got an announcement on this! Go fellas!
If you ever need to know something’s wrong fast just check out the bulletin board junkies at - there’s people there 24/7. Sick, no life, addicts. Like me.

From the announcement DH just sent out:

“We’re currently experiencing some problems with CGI scripts.”

I’ve been getting Internal Server Errors as well, but thought that was just the standard Movable Type discord I get sometimes.

Does this mean that all CGI problems are, to borrow a phrase, working like yo-yos, sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t?

And yes, that announcement should have gone out last night… and believe me - our support system is feeling the pain as a result.

We have pretty definitely isolated the problem now, so a fix should be in place shortly.

This has not been a fun week and a half over at DH hq; for what it’s worth, we are doing everything we can to get everything working properly again…

hey, it’s been an even worse week and a half for a guy starting a web development company under a mountain of debt :wink: I’m beggin you: not a sign of things to come please!?!?!


[quote]hey, it’s been an even worse week and a half for a guy
starting a web development company under a mountain of
debt :wink:


Ouch! :>

[quote]I’m beggin you: not a sign of things to come please!?!?!


I don’t think so, and our historically good uptime would seem to support this. These recent problems have been very - erm - problematic - but they’re not indicative of a general stupidity in the implementation of our services. :>

  • Jeff @ DreamHost
  • DH Discussion Forum Admin

Actually, in Jeff’s and DH’s defence, they have been WAY ABOVE average for the mere couple of months I’ve been with them. Plus, they’re probably the best value for your cash-strapped web development operation. :slight_smile:

–Brad Barkhouse
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No need to defend Dreamhost to me. I’ve been with them for 2 or 3 years and have quite a few sites hosted here. I even set up a few test sites with another host to see if I was missing out on anything. I wasn’t. Dreamhost is the best shared hosting provider that I’ve had personal experience with and are still my #1 recommendation for this type of hosting.

However… I have noticed a marked difference in the frequency of problems since their physical move several months back (not just the last 2 weeks fellas). I have also noticed changes in the names and capabilities of the support personnel in this time period as well.

Putting 2 and 2 together, these problems and the recent rapid growth, and it makes me wonder if they’re headed down the same “growing pains path” that I’ve seen other popular hosts encounter (recently discovered PHP and Apache vulnerabilites of late have probably not helped at all). If so, for the sake of my fledgling business, my own personal sanity and the great people at Dreamhost, I hope they have plans to handle the growth in a way that will continue the levels of stability and support that have made me such a strong DH supporter over the last few years. Even if it means halting new sign ups (if it comes to that) until they can support them in the way that they have traditionally: extremely well.

That last paragraph is pure speculation on my part but it’s how I’m feeling at the moment because of the mentioned irregularities. And with that being said, I’m more inclined to believe than not, that Dreamhost will handle their business, and mine, with all the faithfullness and professionalism they can muster. Their history indcates that they will.