Going live with a site in a subdomain

I am close to completion of a Drupal site at subdomain.example.com. The site at example.com is heading to the dustbin. Is my best choice in going live with the new site (speed and simplicity vs. slower, more complicated, but best in the long term):


Hi PhilDineen,

I think the easiest solution would be to go to “Manage Domains” and then click on Edit at example.com (don’t just delete it, because it will also delete the subdomains). Then where it says “Web Directory” change it to point to the directory of your subdomain. Now you should be all set.

If you already have example.com and sub.example.com configured to be Fully hosted under the same user, you should have both directories visible when you FTP in.

If so, then rename them: example.com to save.example.com
sub.example.com to example.com
save.example.com to sub.example.com

And update your Drupal configuration to use the new directory paths and URL.

The reason I’d stay away from changing the web path is that it may get confusing when you FTP in to your site and the folders don’t correspond with the domain they’re serving.

Thank you both for the replies! I’ve been off the grid these past few days.

The “And update your Drupal configuration to use the new directory paths and URL.” part is not entirely clear to me but I will figure it out. I have figured out dozens of other Drupal brain twisters and am sure this one can’t be too bad.

Thanks again!