Going from PSD to Word Press?

I created the how I want my WordPress pages to look in Photoshop and now want to make a WordPRess site out of it though I have no experience with using it.

  1. What is the next step? Do I just slice it up and somehow import it into a WP page?


I don’t believe it’s quite as simple as that. From what I’ve gathered through casual reading most WP’ers find a theme that’s already been written and manipulate it to suit their imagery. There’s bound to be WP theme tutorials online somewhere - Mr. Google will know :wink:

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Google PSD to wordpress Tutorials, a bunch pop up try to find the most recently dated so you don’t go through working one and all of a sudden you have to update some code to work with wordpress 2.8.

If not, I can do it for you. Email me at: admin@3327designs.com

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