Going from IIS to Apache

EDIT: Fixed – since I didn’t have any actual ASP code, simply renaming the files to .shtml took care of me.

I have a site that was designed for IIS 6. This means that all the pages are .asp and include server side includes that are formated for IIS and not apache.

I seem to remember an apache module that took care of this so that IIS designed sites would run in apache. Does dreamhost support that?

Anyone have any tips on how I can quickly rename all .asp files to .html and rename all links to .asp files to .html and automatically reformat the SSI to apache format?

Apache-ASP will allow you to run ASP pages on the Apache webserver, but I have no idea whether or not DreamHost supports it.

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog

Yeap, that was the mod I was thinking of. I’ll email DreamHost and see if they support it.