Godfather Dreamhost reject mail

I have a co worker in the office who received an error message after one customer mail was rejected by godfather dream host? can any one explain if they are a threat of if we need to change settings? mail is working fine for everything else?

Can you explain what you mean by “godfather dream host”. If “godfather” was part of the error message then I assure you it’s not legit. But you need to get to the bottom of where that error message came from.

If on the other hand you just threw godfather in to be cute, then you need to give us more info. For instance, what was the EXACT text of the error message? Did it come as an email or was it a dialog box on the screen?

godfather.dreamhost.com is one of our mail servers. To say anything more, I’d need to see the full error message you received from it.