GoDaddy to Dreamhost

Hi dreamhost,

I recently joined dreamhost as host for my site ( I had a domain with Godaddy which I wanted to use. I’ve pointed the nameservers at dreamhost


as instructed but for some reason every 5 to 10 minutes when I refresh a page on the site I get a GoDaddy Parked Domain page instead of my website.

after about 20 page refreshes it goes away!

please help. its hugely frustrating.

thanks in advance.

DNS changes take time. Different nameservers around the internet (and perhaps your local computer) cache the DNS info for your site for a persiod of time, once the cache expired then the changed records propagate. Usually takes 8-24 hours.

I double checked via a 3rd parties whois server, your nameservers settings appears to be correct. Still having a problem now?