GoDaddy to Dreamhost

Hey everyone, I have a few domains that I registered with (none are hosted just registered) and I have a couple questions.

  1. Can I have them remain registered with GoDaddy but be hosted with DreamHost?
  2. If I can not, or if it is easier to go with just one of them, what are the new steps for transferring those registered domains that were through godaddy over to dreamhost?
    I would eventually like everything to be with DreamHost… I have about 15 domains registered with godaddy (not all of them I want to be fully hosted, but maybe sometime in the near future)

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us for support. If you would like to keep your domains registered at GoDaddy you can absolutely do that and still host your sites with us. You would just need to point the nameserver to us )

We have some helpful wiki’s here

But it should be as simple as:

  1. Set up your Dreamhost account.
  2. Download old website directories and files to your home computer using an FTP client
  3. Uploaded the website to Dreamhost using FTP.
  4. Pointed Dreamhost name servers to my domain and that was it.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask us :slight_smile:

Matt C

Or if you feel that the whole idea of having a ‘home computer’ is very 1990s, you could do the whole thing cloud-to-cloud using rsync, provided you have a shell account on the other host.

If you don’t have a shell account on the other host, there is another possibility which is simply to run ftp on your Dreamhost account, but be wary that some ftp programs are quite primitive and not able to do things like recursive subdirectories.

I have one website already fully hosted by dreamhost, I am just wanting to get the registration transferred to dreamhost.
Thanks, I think I got it figured out. Just got the confirmation email that I want to transfer domain to dreamhost. Now just have to wait for the confirmation email that it was complete correct?
got an email that said it was rejected. I believe it is because of the 60 day rule. Will I be reimbursed my money?

If the transfer has been rejected, the money you paid for it will remain as a credit on your account, so you can reattempt the transfer later (e.g, once you’re no longer within the 60-day hold period). If you’d just like your money back, please contact Support and they can refund it to your credit card.

GoDaddy just pure f’n sucks… They will do everything in there power to keep you with them, including not responding to emails timely, saying you can’t transfer your domain away from them for a limited amount of time, etc. etc. It’s ri-f’n-diculous. I give you full recognition for making better choice my friend.

Oh no that is fine, I’m going to attempt again after the next week when the 60 day is up, but thanks for letting me know it goes towards credit! Also Info you are 100% right, I had issues with them in the past and you nailed it they are ridiculous to try and work through. Dreamhost is light years ahead of GoDaddy in all aspects from registration to hosting and everything else inbetween, in my opinion.

Hi Matt, I hope I am joining the conversation in the correct place, coz I am a noob here!

My question, further to the info you’ve shared below:

My domain is booked with godaddy.
Email is running with another provider.
Now I want to host the site on dreamhost.

My confusion, is if I change nameservers to etc, will the email MX settings get messed up?

What do I need to do in my godaddy domain control panel, that sends visitors to my dreamhosted site, while leaving MX settings untouched.

Thanks in advance. I hope my question itself is clear.