GoDaddy to DreamHost

I have my DreamHost ftp info and could ftp fine, but could not log into Web Control Panel. I went to GoDaddy and changed DNS Nameservers accordingly (they weren’t DreamHost before). Now I can’t ftp and the site is gone? I think I messed up. I could go back to GoDaddy and change DNS back?

If anything, it should work perfect. Give it a bit to update throughout the web and try to ftp into again and see if it works. the dns itself just tells the web that you domain is to be called by the dreamhost nameservers. once the dreamhost nameservers take over everything dns related is then controlled by dreamhost, and since they make it available in the panel, you.

normally, your ftp into is with your username and password. i dont remember far enough back to remember if dh sent me an ip to ftp through until dns updated. but if your dns wasnt updated, and you were logging into your domains ftp, you were logging into whatever your old host had setup, not dreamhost.

as i said, the nameserver is what tells your system where to go to get the records for whatever your looking for. then you end up there. so unless you were logging in through your sites ip address from dh, or some other method besides, chances are you werent in dh.

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–John v