GoDaddy registration, DreamHost hosting?

I just registered a domain on GoDaddy (.me, I couldn’t do it through DreamHost), but I want to use my DreamHost hosting plan on it. Is it possible to keep it registered on GoDaddy but have its content hosted on DreamHost?

Sure is. Just go to the GoDaddy account management and set it for these DNS servers:


I understand that part now, but how does DreamHost know that the domain is mine?

Once you put the dreamhost nameservers in your GoDaddy account. You will then need to go into your DreamHost Panel and add the domain IE)

While you add the domain, you will be prompted if you want to fully host the domain with dreamhost, which if you’re wanting the content to be hosted on dreamhost you want.

You select what directory you want the website to represent, and click fully host.

That’s how dreamhost will know that domain is yours.

ah, thank you very much.

No problem. To explain even more. If you have the folders


For a current website, a new website, and your older website. In the domain hosting options, you can change what the domain displays by changing the folder that it renders from.

Good luck with your new hosting!

They don’t :wink:

Rest assured if you change the NameServers then your content here will be displayed.

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I had thought their connection limit that was account-wide, but apparently my fixing the DNS also ruined their limiting