GoDaddy domain name with Dreamhost hosting


I’m not sure how to set this up with the Dreamhost system, perhaps someone here can lend me a hand.

I have a Dreamhost account. I typically buy my domains right through them just because it’s easier. I have a business partner who purchased a domain name through GoDaddy and we’d like to host it on our Dreamhost server.

Is it just a matter of changing the nameserver on GoDaddy and setting up a directory with the domain name on the server?

that is correct. just change the nameservers over at godaddy and then log into your dh control panel and go to manage domains and add the new domain name and make it fully hosted

It’s a very minor point but I think you should do it in the other order:

FIRST add and host the domain in your dreamhost account,
then update the nameserver records in your account with the registrar.

That handles the risk that someone else could already have inadvertently (e.g. through mistyping) hosted your domain at dreamhost.