Godaddy Domain, Dreamhost Hosting

I’ve got a number of domains hosted through Dreamhost, and have one hosted via GoDaddy.

I want to be able to use my GoDaddy domain for a site I want to host on my Dreamhost account, but don’t want to transfer the domain just yet as I still have some time on it until the registration is expiring (about 2 years, no point wasting money).

Currently the domain points to a blog I have hosted through Blogger.

How would I go about doing this? Any help would be really appreciated.

In the control panel for the domain in question, near the bottom-left, there’s an option for “nameservers”, your current ones are probably “”, with ## being a number.

Go in there and change your nameservers to:

It might take a few hours for the changes to fully take effect.

Once I do that, how do I make it so the domain will point to a location on my account? In my Dreamhost panel, I think I have found the right place to do it but I’m not sure.

Is it in Domains > Manage Domains > Add New Domain / Sub-Domain that I need to do it at? Like this:

I recently did this with 1and1… they were giving away free domain names in a promotion. Just point the nameservers to Dreamhost, and eventually it just shows up in the ‘manage domains’ part of panel. From there you just add hosting as usual…

This article is very helpful