Go Daddy just upgraded their customers

Hey Guys-

I still have a couple clients over at GoDaddy and I get forwards of all the service emails that go to them. Check out what GoDaddy just did:

Looking for a little bit more out of your hosting plan? How does this sound? 400% MORE Disk Space! 400% MORE Bandwidth! 100% MORE Email Accounts! 150% MORE Databases! And ALL for the same low price!

Now you can enjoy more, More, MORE with your hosting plan - MORE Disk Space, MORE Bandwidth! MORE Email Accounts! MORE MySQL Databases! We’ve rebuilt your Deluxe Hosting Plan making it MORE powerful than ever:

Increased Disk Space from 2,000MB to 10,000MB
Increased Bandwidth from 100GB to 500GB
Increased Email Accounts from 500 to 1,000
Increased your Database MySQL from 10 to 25

Don’t think it can get any better? Think again! The best part about this great announcement is that you don’t have to do a thing! Nada. Zilch. It’s all automatic. It won’t cost you a penny more. There are no service interruptions and the update is already available.

So start enjoying a lot more – for no more! And thanks as always for being a Go Daddy® Customer.


Bob Parsons

BTW, this GoDaddy upgrade is for their $9.95/month hosting package.

I am generally happy with DreamHost’s cool features but their network problems/slowness is sometimes an issue.

Anyone agree? Who thinks DH should offer a similar upgrade?

Screw the upgrade, I want faster mysql machines…


screw the unlimited domains… i want faster mysql!!!

Nevermind the upgrades, or the unlimited domains, or the birthday campaigns.
I want reliable uptime. Oh, and reliable support, too.

the grizzled veterans are getting grizzledlier


I have to agree with the other posts here – when you’re signing up for your first hosting account, you salivate at this kind of thing… you don’t realize how many ways shared hosting can go awry. I’m starting to get annoyed at these kinds of deals, because they’re quite misleading. Customers don’t realize what kind of downtime (or just slow db access/IMAP/etc. etc.) they are going to have to endure that’s well within their contract. GoDaddy seems to have a very limited 99.9 guaranteed network uptime (though if you read the fine print you get 5% of your monthly charge as “store credit” only when they violate it… and anything “scheduled” won’t count). DreamHost doesn’t have any uptime guarantee (or published actual statistics) at all as far as I can tell.

Except for the very tiny slice of people hosting dozens of unimportant, non-business websites with a ton of download media, reliability is way more important than getting 10GB of diskspace and 1K email addresses. And frankly, they know this. They can safely assume that very, very few customers will come anywhere near the limits they set, so they can safely tout these things as selling points without incurring the cost of actually having all that disk space, etc. available.

Personally, I got a CodeMonster account here during a special deal, just for dev testing and some of my fairly unimportant sites, for instance a homepage/photo album for my brother… but he’s noticed already how he can’t always get his email, or sometimes the site is down. It doesn’t matter as much that he can upload gigs of photos and movies. It hasn’t been disastrous – just annoying – so I’ll probably stick around for a while… but I’d happily trade away some of the high limits for more solid performance and reliability.

I was reading through the GoDaddy plans (since I saw Java servlet and JSP support, and this made me curious… this is a step DreamHost probably won’t take).

One very important thing to notice – they seem to only allow ONE domain name to be hosted per account. This seems very bizarre, since even the Economy plan gives you 10 MySql databases (who needs more than 1 or possibly 2 for a single domain?!), but again that sounds to me like a promise they know won’t cost them anything.

That’s correct. One domain name… on even their high end hosting accounts. And one domain name only.