Go Daddy + Dream host email issues

I’ve registered my domain through GoDaddy (myfitguide.com) and I have also purchased there Outlook email program (adam@myfitguide.com).

I was already currently using Dreamhost for another website so I decided to host myfitguide.com through dreamhost.

Now I am having complications with my email. For the most part, I can send and receive basic email from other gmail accounts.

The main problem is when I want to have a contact form on my wordpress site and it won’t send to any emails.

I just want to make sure I won’t have any further issues with this problem as I start a new business.

Any and all help appreciated, thank you!

It looks like you changed your domain namesservers to dreamhost, allowing dreamhost to manage your DNS.

and it looks like you have an mx record that redirects your email to outlook.com which is a microsoft domain (not a go-daddy domain).

Two things here:

Make sure your contact form is trying to send FROM your domain (not the email address supplied by the user when filing out the form.) It was once popular for contact forms to send from a spoofed address. This doesn’t work well anymore, due to various rules from more than one organization (a recent change by yahoo having the most impact.)

2nd since your email is hosted elsewhere, your contact form will need to either use SMTP to log into the smtp server for your domain, or if the dreamhost server is originating the email itself, you will need to enter an SPF record into DNS. The SPF record basically says “even tho outlook.com hosts this domains email, this specific webserver over at dreamhost is also allowed to originate email for this domain.”