Gmail's "You can't send mail yet" Problem

I just converted my email from being handled by Dreamhost to Google Apps/Gmail yesterday and I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned this problem here yet.

Anyway, I followed all the instructions to the letter. I set up all my accounts on the Google Apps page and was even receiving email on my client (Thunderbird). However, I was having no luck with sending mail via the SMTP setup. Some Dreamhost customers (not all) have an issue where the SMTP server issues a “5.7.0 Mail sending denied” error. Even from within the Gmail web application, you’ll get “You can’t send mail yet” if you try to send mail. Apparently, while it’s a problem with Dreamhost customers, it’s fixable on Google’s side. It seems to be a fairly common problem and nobody’s saying exactly what the cause is.

So go to this Google Group, join it, and post on this thread that you’re having this issue:

There are Google Apps Advisors that scan this thread and make the fixes on the affected domains. They’re not quick, so have a bit of patience.

One other thing I noticed was a bit unclear from the instructions is that when performing email client setup, you can’t use your own domain in the server names for incoming or outgoing mail (i.e.,, - you have to use Gmail’s (i.e., and

Hope this helps somebody and saves you a bit of time messing around.

I was seriously considering switching to Gmail Apps because I don’t host a website anymore on Dreamhost. I have hesitated because I don’t want to lose my domain email address. Can you point me to instructions on how to do this? My renewal is coming up in 30 days. Thanks.

I believe what you’re talking about is possible but you still need to retain ownership and registration of your domain and you can’t do that strictly through Google Apps because they’re not a domain host (see

However (and don’t quote me on this), you could probably transfer your domain to a company like easyDNS and rig it so the domain gets forwarded to Google Apps.

I think you’ll probably find all the documentation you need at for the Google Apps side of it. However, the domain transfer process is another matter.