Gmail with Thunderbird


I am using Gmail to host my Dreamhost email so my Gmail email is not but

So I wanted to use Thunderbird to use as my client but I am having some problems.

When I set up Thunderbird I followed the instructions from Gmail and set my pop3 to and my smtp to but Thunderbird would not connect to the gmail server. When Thunderbird try connecting I got a popup saying that AVG was attempting to connect to Gmail to scan any email and then I would get an error message that was blank and I could not send email.

So thinking that I had set things up wrong, I tried setting my pop3 to and same with the smtp. This time I got a connection error right away, nothing about AVG trying to scan anything.

In the past I have tried using an email client on my computer, but the software firewall I was using (Kerio) would not let it connect to the net. I am now using Comodo firewall and I was hoping things would be different.

So what am I doing wrong? Am I setting up Thunderbird wrong? If my Anti-Virus getting in the way or my FW?

Any Help?


Close antivirus & firewall, try to connect.

Start antivirus, try to connect.

Close antivirus, start firewall, try to connect.

Troubleshoot after you have these initial results.

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