Gmail question

I’ve just set Google as my e-mail server. I’ve been using Dream Host for e-mail until today. The e-mail is working fine…I’m receiving new e-mails etc…but I’m wondering if I just screwed myself with old e-mails. I assumed all my old e-mails would transfer to gmail…no? Oh the joy of assuming. Anyway I could fix or retrieve old e-mails at this point…or are all my old e-mails gone?

Thanks for your time.

Your old emails are still on the server, if you were using IMAP. Go to the panel and click Account Status in the upper right. It’ll tell you your mail server, so you can use your mail client and go to, just like you used to go to


Not to restate this… but incase it wasn’t clear, you can take the info he gave you, and put that into your gmail accounts, and download the old mail, into your new gmail hosted account.

I didn’t know that was an option. Where is this feature in Gmail?



Since this person has migrated from DreamHost to gmail, and is now upset that his old man is “gone”, you said that his old mail will still be on the dreamhost servers, which is true.

In his new GMail accounts, he can go to:
Settings -> Accounts -> Get Mail from Another Account

Once he puts in his OLD DREAMHOST account info, like you suggested, IE) Finding his old mail server, then putting the old mailserver in as the POP address, and his old user name and old (dreamhost) password into the fields. Google will then POP his old mailbox, and “import” all of his old mail from the DreamHost mail server, and it will just be in his new account.

At that time, (after all of the email has been migrated) I would then just delete the old dreamhost accounts. Also, if you delete the old dreamhost accounts, and after all of the mail has been migrated. You would want to delete that account from the google account. No point in having it attempting to check an empty mailbox, or a mailbox that you’ve deleted.

If he ever leaves gmail, and setups a new account somewhere else. I would do the same thing, except you would POP to the gmail account, and then you never have to lose email.

In fact, I still have email from 1994 in my gmail account.

I hope this explains it.

I don’t think the above works is you are using the same email address from your DH account to Gmail. I went to Settings -> Accounts -> Get Mail from Another Account and it asks me for my email address but it will not let me enter my old address since it is the same as my new Gmail hosted address.

Now I am not sure how to get my mail over into my new Gmail account. Is there any other options that do not require me to know unix?


Any ideas?

did you use the online application or did you download the emails to your computer using outlook?
If you have used outlook, I think you can find a way to import all the emails to your gmail account.
Hope that helps.