Gmail platform

I have several email’s running on my domain on DH. I now want to use the GMAIL platform. When i make the change on the setup… how long will it take to work. How long will I be without email? Any ideas?

If you do the change responsibly you won’t be without email.

I would recommend making a note of your current email addresses.

Create the Google App account, then immediately create the same user accounts.

Go back to dreamhost, and make the change to the domain. You could start to recieve email in your gmail account within a few hours, the time is hard to say, it all depends on how long it takes for the MX record to propagate over the internet.

You won’t lose any mail, the mail will either be delivered to your DH accounts, or eventually to the new Google account. Granted if you delay setting up the new accounts to mirror your old accounts, you could get some bounced email.

Also, to complete the migration, I would recommend, after the google accounts are working, to add a “POP3” account inside gmail for your old DH accounts. This will download all of your old mailbox, into your new google hosted mailbox.

I hope this answers your questions, and I welcome any other google questions you may have.

Thats … that’s a great help

Serious or sarcasm? :wink: It’s hard to tell here.

And feel free to email me for any future help, I think google apps is a great compliment to dreamhost webhosting.

qbx (at) qubix (.) org


I never thought of making the POP account in GMAIL at the end… thats a great idea

Well, it’s probably the final step in migration from DH to gMail. Obviously, you would just want to allow google to download all of the mail from your dreamhost account, then it would probably be wise to (after all the email is out of the old DH account) delete the dreamhost mailbox, and then remove it from your google account.

No point in making google & dreamhost servers work for no reason when it’s obvious no new email is being delivered to the old DH mailbox.

Thanks again…
I am realy excited about it … just the spam filtering alone seems well worth it… I think DH hates hosting mail anyway and who can blame them…


Seriously if you need help, feel free to email me directly, it comes to my blackberry.

Good luck, and happy gmailing. :wink:

Thanks again I will. my email is but I am migrating to GMAIL … but just the email function

You are aware if you have more than one domain, you can mirror domains to 1 account.

You can have 1 email account, for each of those domains :wink:

After looking at the two domains, I don’t’ think that’s applicable, but just a suggestion.