Gmail on Blackberry Frustration

I just signed up with DH this past week, and have found the transition to be pretty smooth, save for my email. I’m using Gmail, and continue to get emails I send from my BB forwarded back to the device. I’ve tried setting up filters in my BIS account, doesn’t work. I’ve switched from IMAP to POP in Gmail, doesn’t work. I’ve even tried trying out a completely new account/email address with above solutions, still doesn’t work.

Does anyone have any other ideas for me to try out, or a logical explanation as to why I cannot get past this? My wife has Gmail on her BB, and solved this issue with the BIS filters. Thanks in advance.

The only possible reason is that you don’t have the filters setup correctly on the BIS. Delete the filter and try again. 0 5938916

I’ve done this several times over, and still don’t have a change. Do I need to have the google apps running on my BB for any reason to get this to run? I’m at a total loss.

I see you mention something about forwarding. Here’s a tidbit from a forwarder I set up here that included a Gmail address:

Note: It is a known issue that Gmail will not deliver an email it originally sent back to the sender. This means that trying to test the forward by sending an email from to (that has on the forward list) may not work. Try sending to it from a different email address.
Does nothing you send from your BB reach its destination?


Everything I send gets where it’s being sent, just to me as well.

I’m using my domain as my email on my BB, which I set up thru Gmail. I’ve gone over the steps time & time again for filters on BIS, but I’m just at a loss.