Gmail Migration - existing email migrated?


I’m currently using Squirrel Mail and would like to change over to Gmail. Will all of my existing mail be migrated to the Gmail server or does everything get wiped?



No and no. All of your old mail will set here on your mail server.

You’ll need an IMAP mail transfer utility such as mailutil on the DH servers. Find out your mail server here by going to the Panel and click Account Status. Your mail resides on with your current username and password.


Is this still true? I’m migrating a domain to gmail, and I can’t seem to set up access to the ‘old’ accounts.

I went to my DH account, and it tells me my email server is murdock, but trying both of these didn’t work as valid email servers: (the wiki suggests this).

Still true (the part about you needing to manually migrate mail to Gmail). My email server has changed and I’m no longer able to access it via what’s listed in the panel. I’d check Full headers of a recent existing message to see the actual server name.

When doing any type of email migration, it’s best to set up a forwarder to redirect your mail to a third party as you make the transition. Then IMAP sync your mail before you change your mail server.



Thanks for the idea. I went and peeked at the header for a message I had locally, and there was the server address I needed. Resolved my issue! Now for the ‘work’.