Gmail mail forwarding?

Hi there -

I recently registered a domain -, and I decided to use Gmail for the mail client. I’ve created an administrator and one other email address, but for some reason, when I try to access the mail server at I am getting “Server Not Found Error 404”

What’s up with that? The URL is a wordpress blog. Does that have something to do with it? Please heeeelp! THANKS!

Are you talking about using Google Apps for your domain? Google isn’t a mail client; it’s mail hosting.

When you set this up, you’ll receive mail with a link to Google, which it looks like you may have followed the instructions. Your DNS, which you can get to in the DreamHost Panel under Domains -> Manage Domains, should have these entries:
MX 0
mail MX 0
mail CNAME


Same thing has happened to me on a coupla domains.

I just went into Manage Domains and hit Fully Hosted again and it fixed it. On one domain I had to give the mail back to Dreamhost, wait a day, then hand it back to Gmail again. It’s obviously a very intermittent problem or there would be more posts about it.

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