Gmail login

I have posted about this before but I still can’t login to gmail.
How can I login to gmail?
When I try to login to gmail the user name and password is not accepted by gmail.
The only way for me to login to gmail is to login to Dreamhost and get the link to gmail the login. Is this the correct procedure?
If I cant resolve this I will have to revert back to Dreamhost mail.

During the setup of Gmail through the panel, you select to move your mail (MX) pointers to googles server. DH does this auto for you.

Then when you log into google apps, you must set a custom web mail address for your domain. By default its a

So log into your google apps account, Service settings --> click Mail

Then the first option is to set a custom web address.
I used
otherwise google has some long winded one that you can use.

If i remember correctly DH already sets up to point through to google, you just have to set it up in google docks.

Once this has been completed and you have let the DNS replicate, you can now web into and use gmail for your e-mail needs.

i hope this helps.