Gmail--is it better?

Hi, I have been thinking of migrating my email hosting from DreamHost to Gmail setup. The reasons I have for doing this are 1) Gmail in my experience is much faster at receiving emails than my dreamhost account; and 2) I’ve grown tired of the unreliable dreamhost email servers. It’s true they work great most of the time but it’s too often I have issues sending/receiving (such as the issue this morning).

I am a tech consultant so I’m OK with the process (although I know it’s a lot of work to migrate an account). I’m just wondering what other users think about using the Gmail option and/or Google Apps in general with DreamHost. Is it worth the trouble to migrate? Thanks!

I have my DH domains forward their mail to Gmail. And Gmail lets me send from multiple verified return addresses.

I haven’t gone with Google Apps because I’ve never gotten the CNAME thing working properly. The URL always ends up looking like or something like that.


I’m with Scott. The Gmail option is fantastic.

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i switched to google apps for mail (and calendar) some time ago. i use thunderbird on both linux and windows on both my desktop and my laptop, and connecting them via imap to gmail servers works a lot better than having each of them download mail through pop and use the same mailbox files on a shared folder. then when i got an iphone i was able to easily work that in as well.

maybe i could have done imap without going to google, but i am also able to sync my google contacts between all my thunderbird installations and my phone, which is another bonus.

all in all it’s been a good move for me! i even imported all my existing mail from my computer into google without significant issue. don’t remember how i did that exactly, but if i was going to do it again i would do it all through thunderbird by just dragging the messages from my local mail folders to the gmail imap folders.

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thank you guys for sharing! i for sure am going to look into switching over to Gmail then as an option. i want to do it for my own company first, and then when i get things up and running perhaps this will be the best option for some of my small biz clients and I would have tested it thoroughly. i especially like that the contacts sync went well for misterhaan.

also, misterhaan, if you don’t mind me asking, what platform is your site built on? is it based on a template for a social networking site (i.e. elgg or wordpress?)?

thanks guys!

I am trying to set this up now. Have you tried changing the settings in gmail to use is built from scratch — it’s all my own php code. i’ve also set up a site for my neighborhood association using a lot of the same code, available here:

also i forgot to mention that while i set up and, visiting either of those sends me to… that seems to be the way google apps work.

track7 - my dream-hosted site

for gmail is better. you can do many things in gmail compare to yahoomail

just letting everyone know that I’ve UPGRADED to gmail from dreamhost email. i’ve only been using it a couple of days but i love it. i plan on bringing over another domain (3 emails) in the next week or so. the gmail web interface is way better than the ones offered by dreamhost; i get my emails faster rather than having to wait 5 minutes or more. i highly recommend using gmail over dreamhost email hosting (and i’m sure they support this too since they won’t have to support and store gmail emails). hope this helps other users thinking of switching.

Yes, they certainly do support their users in using Gmail. Email is pretty critical and I’m sure they don’t mind offloading a task like that.

Does the URL in your browser still show Google, or does it only display your domain .com?