Gmail - how to access admin?

I set up gmail for use with one domain. When I go to mail.mydomain.tld to set it up I get this:

“This domain has already been registered with Google Apps. Please contact your domain administrator for instructions on using Google Apps with this domain.”

I haven’t set up anything other than check a box “use Gmail for this domain” on Dreamhost control panel.

How do I actually add and delete email addresses?

I don’t have a user name and password set up yet, as far as I know.

Go to the panel here for Domains -> Manage Domains and click on the Edit link for that domain. Somewhere in there is the link to administer your Google Apps account.


Thanks. Now it’s clear.

Hmm… I thought it was clear.
I’ve always thought I was pretty savvy when it comes to web interfaces.

I logged in. Created my first user, logged out, and now I can’t access the user.
It’s really getting on my last nerve.

I know what password I used. I had to type it twice.
But I can’t access the interface.

There is no way to regain the password if you can’t log in.
So I have a gmail domain where I can’t use the email.

I give up.

What do I do next?