Gmail Google Apps problem

Hey guys,

I decided to finally try and use iGoogle, but I can’t seem to get the GMail app working. I have my Dreamhost email managed by GMail currently.

It asks me to sign in, and when I use my usual login, it simply returns to the sign in page. The MX records are correct, and my domain has been signed up to use Google Apps.

Do I have to sign up for a GMail account, then use that to import my Dreamhost mail?

It’s all a bit confusing, so some help would be much appreciated :wink:


In your Manage Domains section of the panel here, there’s a link to Google for you to follow to set up Admin over at Google. All DreamHost does is provide the DNS and link over to Gmail. You have to do all of the mailbox setups and imports.


Cheers for the reply

I’ve set up admin and domain settings over at Google. I’ve been using to access my mail through GMail since I registered with Dreamhost.

Do I have to create a whole seperate account at GMail and then get it to import my Dreamhost mail though? Just don’t understand why I can’t use my usual dreamhost/gmail login on the Gmail app.