Gmail for Domain and Mailing Lists?

Hey guys I’ve enabled Gmail for my domain ( and before I did, I read that it said I had to register my domain first and re-create every single email address. Well, I was confused on the re-creation part given that I had 40 addresses but they were so called ‘convenience addresses’ automatically created by two mailing lists I created and have been using. I figured, oh well, I guess I’ll have to manually re-create 40 email addresses but when in the email creation page on Gmail it asks for the first and last name and it was required. I figured that doing this would be ugly given that I would have to create fake names all the time since each of those addresses obviously doesn’t have a user.

Anyways, my domain email works fine (I can go to and send and receive email from my newly created address) but my mailing list no longer works. I can access the administration interface of it but I can’t send mail to the mailing list address, I get a send failure notice from Gmail. I’m wonder what I should do, should I delete and re-create both mailing lists? Figured I’d ask here before I file a ticket.

Wow thanks for the help, I guess I’ll have to file a ticket then -_-

Really, no need to thank me. It was nothing.

I guess nobody who runs a discussion list uses the Gmail setup. I sure don’t.


Yeah, oh well, I’ll file a ticket then.

I think I figured it out :slight_smile:

What did you figure out? Some of us would like to know so we may fix our own problems quickly.