Gmail and forwarding

I’m close to moving my personal domain to DH (I administer a non-profit’s site here already), but I’m wondering if the way I want to handle e-mail is possible.

Right now, my domain is just a redirection to space I got free from my ISP years ago and the e-mail is simply a forwarding service.

I want to access my own e-mail via Gmail, but other family members simply get their e-mail forwarded to the addresses they have their respective ISPs (Earthlink and AT&T). Many of them use addresses and their “real” addresses interchangeably, so asking them to switch to just addresses and use Gmail instead of their current clients isn’t feasible.

Ideally, their addresses would simply remain aliases that just forward, but I assume I would have to set that up in each individual Gmail account I create. However, I know none of them will ever touch the Gmail interface, so, for example, they’d never check the spam folder, and I don’t want to be blamed for them not getting an e-mail.

Is there any way to have some addresses use Gmail and others serve simply as forwards? I’m guessing no.

Also, what kind of e-mail downtime can I expect during the migration to DH (and subsequently Gmail)? I don’t want to freak out my family too badly with this switch, but it’s really necessary since my current provider has just unacceptable spam filtering enabled (rejects spam from suspected IPs at their server without letting me review the flagged messages at all).

I’m not clear what Gmail has to do with this, unless you set up your domain to be Google Hosted. If you stick with the standard email setup here, you’d create an email address as just a forwarder. All spam and such will go to the destination address.

However, you can’t forward to AOL and Comcast addresses, no thanks to AOL and Comcast.

I use Gmail for most everything. My addresses here retain their mail and forward to Gmail. I’ve set up Gmail to work as multiple addresses, including my addresses here. I set this up through Gmail’s Settings under the Accounts and Import tab for “Send Mail As.”


The e-mail for would be set up (through the DH control panel) to use Gmail, ideally. I personally would prefer to use Gmail for my own e-mail address(es), but other family members would not.

I know I can configure Gmail to pretend to send as other addresses, but that’s caused some issues for me in the past (getting marked as spam, not being able to send to some e-mail lists from my Blackberry because the true sender doesn’t match what I’m on the list as, etc.). So for me, I’d love to have the Gmail account be my actual address. It’s those pesky family members I handed out forwarding addresses to that are the problem, and as I strongly suspected, there’s no way around it beyond setting up the other people’s Gmail accounts to forward and hoping nothing important gets caught as spam.

Thanks for your reply. Anyone have an answer to the lagtime question?