Gmail and Dreamhost Mail

Dear Dreamhost,

I was wondering if switching from the default Gmail-option to
"No Funny business, Dreamhost Mail" costs extra money?

This is a customer forum, so you’re not likely to get an official response.

I don’t use the Gmail option, so I’m on the “No funny business, DreamHost Mail” system and it’s no extra cost. As long as you already paid for hosting here, it’s included.


When adding a domain, the default is DreamHost Mail.

GMail is an alternate option that you can switch on and off.

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In answer to your question, no it does not cost extra money.

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I’m not so concerned about the cost, so much as I am about the implementation. I have a domain now with a lot of addresses that are what dreamhost calls ‘Forwarding-only’. How would I manage these in the Google Apps/gmail world?

Whatever you already have set up on DreamHost for your domain’s email won’t transfer over to Gmail. You have to start over and recreate all email addresses over on Gmail. If you’re using Google for your email, all email administration takes place over there.

Gmail does have forwarding, but it’s a regular account and you go to Gmail’s Settings and turn on Forwarding and you can Inbox, archive, or delete the incoming message after it’s been forwarded.


Thanks. That’s not really clear from the DH docs, but I can see it if I read between the lines.

And I think it’s not what I’m looking for, either…