Gmail and CNAME records

Good morning,

I switched from Squirrel mail to Gmail a while ago, but some of the pages I supposedly activated in Google Apps still don’t work. In particular, I’m trying to get and to work, since these are linked from the ‘welcome’ emails sent out whenever I create a new email account for new people.

  1. I’ve already chosen “Publish Start Page” within Google Apps control panel

  2. I’ve looked through most Google Apps help

I’ve also read Dreamhost wiki post on CNAME record here:

and I’ve gone through the Dreamhost Control Panel, Domains->Manage Domains->DNS, and tried to add a CNAME record that points from “” to the Google default, but it doesn’t let me enter that string in the Dreamhost Control Panel. So, the Start Page still won’t work.

I know I’m doing something wrong (I’m new at this, so apologies if this seems like a dumb question). Any suggestions/advice?

Thank you.

If you chose to use GMail for email and not the complete “GoogleAps” hosting when setting up your domain, you could implement some forwarding sub-domains for those pages within Add Domain/Sub-Domain.

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Thank you very much for the suggestion! I tried the forwarding/redirect and that ended up being the much easier solution, didn’t have to fiddle with CNAME at all.