Giving someone else access to my server?


Hi, I have gone through a company who have set me up a subaccount with ccbill in order to take payment processing on my wordpress site. The company need ftp access to my site in order to install the ccbill script. How do I give them this? I have been reading here and am worried that it says once you give someone else access to your domain, they could then shut you out.

Can anyone help?

I need a complete beginner’s step by step on how do do this please as I am a total wordpress noob.



If you do not trust these people why are you doing business with them? What due-diligence have you done?

There are times when you may want to work with a specialist and give them the “keys to the kingdom” but if you do, make sure you understand what they are adding to your server and what it does…

In the Dreamhost panel, you can change the password of the user that the domain is running under, give that info to your third party, let them do their work and then change the password again. If they need temporary WordPress access, create a second admin user for them and delete it when they are finished.

NEVER give your primary Dreamhost panel information to anyone!! If you find yourself locked out of your site because of something a third party does you can go back into the panel and change the domain/server user password. You can also use the panel to get into your database, for example, if it got damaged or hacked by a third party.


Interesting statement. I would like to agree with it. But in practice, is it workable?

For example, Cloudflare told me that if I would give them (or, to be precise, their robot) my primary Dreamhost panel password, then they could set up my Cloudflare account with much less hassle than me having to do it manually.

What do you do in such a case?

(What I did, through gritted teeth, was change my main DH password to something, tell that to Cloudflare, wait for them to finish, then change my main DH password again. Hassle. But probably less hassle than it would have been for me to set up my Cloudflare account manually.)


@tomtavoy Of course there are no real absolutes… :slight_smile:

You can, of course, create more than one Dreamhost panel user and give that user access to the parts of the panel they need to access as part of a development team or temporarily. You can decide what privileges that user gets and, by deleting the user when the process is finished, for how long they have it. So, yes, there are times you might want to let a third party have greater access and Dreamhost makes it pretty easy to create those kind of users. It’s not something I would do for any person I hadn’t met or actually spoken to or vetted very carefully first, however.

Again, always create a new user, never share your credentials.


@tomtavoy: We weren’t aware that CloudFlare was requesting that you input your DreamHost Panel password, and we will be getting in touch with them to discuss this. artgeek’s advice that you should never give out your Panel password is absolutely correct.


This was before Cloudflare and Dreamhost entered into their partnership deal. Maybe there’s a smoother way of doing things now.



Unless I’m mistaken, this was probably for people that signed up directly for CloudFlare and wanted to automatically import their DNS records (not through the panel option). I’m honestly not sure if we’re still doing this & we wouldn’t have stored either the username or password.