Giving FTP user access only to a subdirectory

Hello! Quick question. I have a friend who I want to host. Ideally I’d like give him a subdirectory to upload his site content to (i.e. but unless I’m wrong, I don’t think I can do so without also giving him access to my entire domain. Am I wrong? I hope I’m wrong. In the interim, I have set him up as a FTP user and set up for his content, which I think should be okay. Should I just stick with that, and to hell with the subdirectory thing? Please advise as I’m baffled by the wiki pages on this. Thanks.

What you’ve done so far is the correct process.

If the content he’s working on is relevant to your main site and you would like it to appear as residing at, you can use the Remap Directory feature from your Panel.

Panel > Domains > Remap SubDirectory

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