Giving Credit When it is Due

RE: the Recent email -> 2591921] Network Outage Detailed Report with System Changes.

I think DH needs some credit on this honest appraisal of exactly what happened, how the chain of events went down and some of the shortfalls of both the technical equipment and the network staff to handle the shear size of the attack.

You won my vote for saying we did not do this right and going to make sure we have learnt from this.

5 Stars DW for this!

Hear hear!

It’s still true: DH is the best hosting provider I’ve been with so far and the recent events–though rather bad for some customers–could have happened anywhere. While it was going on, many people were commenting on the forums, which is understandable. Hopefully these same people won’t be called hypocrites for sticking around now and giving praise.


I’ve got other problems with DH, namely discussion list issues, but I definitely commend them for “showing their cards” and pointing out the mistakes, etc.

I’ve regained some faith in the company, and I’m hoping that over the next few weeks/months I will see the DreamHost everyone was telling me about before I signed up.

This is normal for Dreamhost, nothing new. They are truly decent and sharp people.

This does not change the fact that I will lose production time because I am scheduling meetings with unhappy clients to discuss hosting contingency plans.

While that communication was nice, it does not solve the problem. It does however provide decent fodder for me to recommend a “wait and see” attitude for my clients that are angry.

The past year has seen me making way too many excuses (datacenter move, db problems reapeated and effective DDoS attacks). If this continues, the day is most certainly coming when a client is going to say “move me, this is unacceptable”.

Good luck and godspeed to DH getting this fixed, and back to the level of service that I pine for.