Giving a Contractor database access

Relative newbie here…

I am having trouble setting up a user and giving them the appropriate privileges they need to edit a database related to my domain. On the privileges site, if I give them the right to edit the database, and they log in, they see nothing but the home panel. Clicking on “Databases” does nothing.

If I then given them rights to manage the domain…and they log in…they can see the database and domain, but if they try to modify the database, it says they can’t because no website is hosted on their “account”. Also…when I do this…they have the ability to delete my domain. Something that I do not want to give them rights to do.

This makes no sense to me. What do I need to do to give my contractor the ability to edit a database and edit the database only?

The phpMyAdmin link, MySQL username and MySQL password.

Thanks…that is definitely progress!